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Ferry Guide

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Traveling between these islands is made convenient by the ferry services operated by both the Directorate of Shipping Services (DSS) and private operators.

Port Blair - Swaraj Dweep

60 Minutes

The ferry journey from Port Blair to Havelock treats passengers to scenic views of the Andaman Sea. The journey is a perfect opportunity to relax on deck and take in the beauty of the surroundings. With multiple departures daily, travelers can easily plan their island-hopping adventures.

Swaraj Dweep - Shaheed Dweep

1hr - 1.5hrs

The ferry connection between Havelock Island and Neil Island offers travelers a convenient way to explore two of the Andaman Islands' stunning destinations. Ferries typically operate multiple times per day, depending on the type of ferry and sea conditions. The experience of traveling by ferry between Havelock and Neil Island is both efficient and enjoyable. Passengers can soak in the scenic views of the Andaman Sea during the journey, with opportunities to spot marine life and picturesque islands along the way.

Shaheed Dweep - Port Blair

2 Hours

The journey back to Port Blair from Neil takes around two hours, allowing travelers to savor the beauty of the Andaman Sea. Comfortable seating and onboard amenities ensure a pleasant voyage, making the ferry ride an experience to remember.

Tips for Your Ferry Journey

Book in Advance

Ferry tickets can be in high demand, especially during peak seasons. It's advisable to book tickets in advance to secure your preferred travel dates.

Check Schedules

Keep an eye on ferry schedules, as they may change due to weather conditions. Plan accordingly to avoid any disruptions to your travel plans.

Arrive Early

Arriving at the ferry terminal ahead of time ensures a smooth check-in process and boarding experience.

Be a Sport

Smooth seas may beckon, but remember that all sailings are subject to the caprices of weather.

Respect Local Culture

Remember to respect the local customs and traditions of the Andaman Islands during your visit.

Pack Essentials

Don't forget sunscreen, water, snacks, and any medications you may need for the journey. A light jacket or shawl can come in handy against the sea breeze.

Partnered with

Private ferry operators in the Andaman Islands offer a variety of services for tourists and locals alike. These operators provide transportation between different islands in the Andaman archipelago, making it convenient for travelers to explore the region. Some of the prominent private ferry operators in the Andaman Islands include

  1. Makruzz
    Makruzz operates high-speed catamaran ferries between Port Blair, Havelock Island, and Neil Island. With comfortable seating and modern amenities, Makruzz offers a convenient way to travel between these popular destinations.

  2. Green Ocean
    Green Ocean provides ferry services between Port Blair and Havelock Island, as well as Neil Island. Their ferries are known for their affordability and reliability, making them a popular choice among travelers.

  3. ITT Majestic
    ITT Majestic offers ferry services between Port Blair and Havelock Island. With spacious seating and air-conditioned cabins, ITT Majestic provides a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for passengers.

  4. Nautika
    Nautika's ferries are known for their reliability and comfort, providing passengers with a convenient way to travel between different islands. The company strives to ensure a pleasant journey for travelers by offering modern amenities and spacious seating arrangements onboard their ferries.