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Our recent holiday in Waves was an unforgettable experience! The pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters were the perfect setting for relaxation and adventure. The local guides were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, making our tours both educational and enjoyable. We especially loved the sunset cruise, which offered breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. The accommodations were top-notch, offering comfort and luxury. Overall, it was a fantastic getaway that provided lasting memories. Highly recommended for anyone looking to escape and rejuvenate!"

Mr. Sanjay , From Kolkata


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Frequently asked questions

  • Where are the Andaman Islands Located?

    The Andaman Islands are situated in the Bay of Bengal, approximately 1,200 kilometers east of the Indian mainland.

  • How many islands make up the Andaman archipelago?

    The Andaman archipelago comprises 836 islands, with the major ones being North, Middle, and South Andaman.

  • What is the best time to visit Andaman?

    The ideal time to visit Andaman is from October to May when the weather is pleasant, and water activities are accessible.

  • Are there restrictions on visiting tribal areas?

    Yes, certain tribal areas like Jarawa Tribal Reserve have restrictions to protect the indigenous tribes.

  • What are the popular tourist attractions in Andaman?

    Some popular attractions include Cellular Jail, Radhanagar Beach, Neil Island, Ross Island, and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

  • Are there water sports activities in Andaman?

    Yes, Andaman offers a variety of water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, and jet skiing.

  • What is the must-visit beach in Andaman?

    Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island is often regarded as one of the best beaches globally.

  • How can I reach Andaman Islands?

    You can reach Andaman by air; the Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair is well-connected to major cities in India.