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Scuba Diving in Port Blair

Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts. The crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life make it one of the top scuba diving destinations in India. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Port Blair offers a variety of diving experiences that cater to all skill levels.

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Scuba diving in Port Blair provides an opportunity to explore the underwater world of the Andaman Sea, which is teeming with colorful corals, exotic fish, and other marine creatures. The calm and clear waters, coupled with well-maintained diving facilities, make it an ideal destination for both novice and seasoned divers.

Top Diving Spots

1. North Bay Island:

- Description: Known for its coral reefs and rich marine life, North Bay offers an excellent diving experience with a variety of corals and fish.

- Depth: 6-18 meters

- Highlights: Vibrant corals, clownfish, and butterflyfish

2. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park:

- Description: Located at Wandoor, this park is famous for its coral reefs and diverse marine life. It offers several dive sites suitable for different skill levels.

- Depth: 6-25 meters

- Highlights: Coral gardens, groupers, and turtles

3. Jolly Buoy Island:

- Description: Part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Jolly Buoy Island is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and stunning coral formations.

- Depth: 6-15 meters

- Highlights: Hard and soft corals, reef sharks, and parrotfish

4. Cinque Island:

- Description: Known for its clear visibility and vibrant marine life, Cinque Island offers some of the best diving experiences in Port Blair.

- Depth: 10-30 meters

- Highlights: Barracudas, manta rays, and Napoleon wrasse


- Safety First: Always dive with a certified instructor or dive master.

- Health Check: Ensure you are in good health before diving. If you have any medical conditions, consult a doctor.

- Equipment: Use well-maintained and properly fitted diving gear.

- Hydrate: Stay hydrated before and after your dive.

- Respect Marine Life: Do not touch or disturb the marine creatures and corals.

Boat Scuba Diving

Boat scuba diving is a popular option in Port Blair, offering access to remote and pristine dive sites. The boats are equipped with all necessary diving gear and safety equipment, and trips are led by experienced dive masters.

Advantages of Boat Scuba Diving:

- Access to remote and less crowded dive sites

- Opportunity to see larger marine animals

- Comfortable and safe diving experience

Popular Boat Diving Spots:

- South Button Island: Known for its stunning coral gardens and clear visibility.

- Rutland Island: Offers a mix of shallow and deep dives with diverse marine life.

Booking Information

At Holiday in Waves, we offer a range of scuba diving packages tailored to meet your needs. Here’s how you can book your scuba diving adventure with us:

- Contact Us: Reach out via our website or customer service to inquire about availability and packages.

- Choose Your Package: Select from our pre-designed scuba diving packages or customize your own based on your preferences and skill level.

- Confirm Your Booking: Once you’ve chosen your package, confirm your booking with our team. We will provide all necessary details and instructions.

What's Included

When you book a scuba diving package with Holiday in Waves, you can expect the following inclusions:

- Certified Dive Instructor: Experienced and certified dive instructors to guide you.

- Diving Gear: All necessary diving equipment, including wetsuits, masks, fins, and tanks.

- Safety Equipment: Comprehensive safety gear and first aid kits.

- Boat Transfers: Comfortable boat transfers to and from the dive sites.

- Refreshments: Light snacks and beverages on the boat.

- Underwater Photography: Optional underwater photography and videography services.

- Insurance: Diving insurance for added safety.

Explore the underwater wonders of Port Blair with Holiday in Waves, and embark on a scuba diving adventure that promises unforgettable memories and a deep connection with the ocean.